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CarInsurance101.com is a different destination for drivers. Our main priority is not to sell you insurance but to talk about some basic questions and answers you may have about how auto insurance works. From new car insurance for young drivers to scooter insurance for those lovely seniors in Boca Raton we have a wealth of information to help you find affordable and reliable coverage.

We are not a licensed auto insurance agent (so always check with a real one before buying insurance) but we are drivers just like you. One of our biggest monthly bills is car insurance and when an insurance company denied our claim it was time to start learning exactly what we were paying for!

Well, it turns out that car insurance is just as complex as you probably would believe. Even more so every second Tuesday and the odd Friday…. Does that make any sense? Neither do car insurance companies at times so you’re off to a good start. We even have some great statistics about driving around, playful infographics for an easy read and lots more.

Buying car insurance is a lot more important than many people realize. Not only is it illegal to drive without car insurance but you are risking your family finances by not having the right type of coverage. Every day thousands of car accidents happen and many drivers are uninsured or underinsured leaving behind great personal liability. Even without a recessionary economy the effect of a small car accident can have lasting effects on your checkbook and today we all should be doubly focused on saving money.

No matter where you live there are dozens of car insurance companies to choose from however many drivers still assume all car insurance coverage is the same. This is far from the truth as every car insurance policy is unique, and every policyholder has unique needs. What works for you may very well be too much for your neighbor and not enough for your other neighbor.

Start a car insurance comparison search today – Learn how car insurance works, what different types of coverage are available and how much insurance you really should have.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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